Copy or move files from macOS to NTFS formatted device

To copy or move files from macOS to a NTFS formatted hard drive - which in our case is a USB stick - you need to install Fuse and NTFS-3G for macOS. You can easily install them via homebrew paket installer as follows:

$ brew install --cask osxfuse

$ brew install ntfs-3g

Before you can copy data, some pre-steps are neccessary:

1. Find your target driver (device) name:

$ diskutil list

In our case the device name is disk2.

2. Unmount the device:

$ sudo diskutil umount /dev/disk2

3. Mount device with ntfs-3g command:

sudo mkdir /Volumes/NTFS

$ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/disk2 /Volumes/NTFS -o local -o allow_other -o auto_xattr -o auto_cache

Now you will be able to copy or move data to the mounted target at /Volumes/NTFS.


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