Use TinyMCE codesample with mezzanine

I would like to use codesample plugin from TinyMCE, which adds an icon, where it is possible to edit programming code snippets in the content of a blog post in mezzanine admin dashboard. You can even extend this function with syntax highlighting.

This functionality is very important to software developers, who want to share code snippets in their blog posts.

After searching I found that mezzanine 4.2.3 integrates TinyMCE in version 4.1.10, see mezzanine google group.

But codesample plugin can be integrated in TinyMCE version > 4.3. So it means we have to make mezzanine support TinyMCE version > 4.3 to make codesample plugin running:

1) Download latest TinyMCE

2) Extract tinymce and move it to your mezzanine folder:


3) See instructions for using codesample plugin:


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