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Copy or move files from macOS to NTFS formatted device

To copy or move files from macOS to a NTFS formatted hard drive - which in our case is a USB stick - you need to install Fuse and NTFS-3G for macOS. You can easily install them via homebrew paket installer as follows:

Debug automated GUI tests on a headless Jenkins CI server running Ubuntu

When you are running automated GUI tests on a box without any windowing system, it is hard to debug problems.

Use TinyMCE codesample with mezzanine

I would like to use codesample plugin from TinyMCE, which adds an icon, where it is possible to edit programming code snippets in the content of a blog post in mezzanine admin dashboard. You can even extend this function with syntax highlighting.


We don`t make designs, we make magic!


We have extensive experience in Telecommunication, Automotive and Banking.

Software as a Service

We have helped many of our clients with software development and Quality Assurance.

Trustful Cooperation

We can help you to rethink your strategies and your business models so that you can embrace the latest digital thinking.

Automation Strategy

Test scripts developed, stay the property of clients and we provide guidance to enhance them when needed.

5-star Support

Post production support and maintenance is an important part of application life-cycle.


Not just answering a customer’s question, but also surprising and delighting them.

We help you design and implement great software

and ensure that there is an operational plan in place to maintain it.

Our Portfolio

Big Data + ETL

Big Data + ETL

Real-time ingestion, data enrichment, the ability to handle billions of transactions, and support for structured or unstructured data from any source.



We build different microservices that seperate the logic from your web UI and make sure that it interacts with your backend via a RESTful API over HTTP.

PDF Parser

PDF Parser

PDF Parser implementation provides features to extract raw data from PDF documents. We also support scanned PDF documents by applying OCR technology.

Web Apps

Web Apps

We have implemented various client server web apps, which we constantly adjust according to the requirements of our customers.

Web Crawler

Web Crawler

The internet is a great source of often very unstructured data. Our web crawler is able to catch and structure relevant data.

About us!

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The way of working always met the highest demands. 'unitec informatics gmbh' exceeded our expectations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the outstanding performance and recommend 'unitec informatics gmbh' to other project providers.


'unitec informatics gmbh' has supported us with test automation and testing at all stages of the software lifecycle. They prove to be a very reliable company which does its job responsibly, carefully and with the highest quality even under time pressure and changing tasks.


The application runs flawlessly and 100% stable due to the excellent work. We gladly recommend 'unitec informatics gmbh' without restriction and may even take back their services. They work cost-effectively, on time and to the utmost satisfaction. Thanks to their professional qualifications.


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