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Copy or move files from macOS to NTFS formatted device

To copy or move files from macOS to a NTFS formatted hard drive - which in our case is a USB stick - you need to install Fuse and NTFS-3G for macOS. You can easily install them via homebrew paket installer as follows:

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Debug automated GUI tests on a headless Jenkins CI server running Ubuntu

When you are running automated GUI tests on a box without any windowing system, it is hard to debug problems. So our main question is: how can we have a look at the tested UI while the tests are running headless? Read more

Use TinyMCE codesample with mezzanine

I would like to use codesample plugin from TinyMCE, which adds an icon, where it is possible to edit programming code snippets in the content of a blog post in mezzanine admin dashboard. You can even extend this function with syntax highlighting.

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Test automation tools

Before evaluating any testing tool for automation purpose, you should analyse the market for available tools that satisfy your needs, therefore below there are listed some useful links to got an overview of available tools on the market:

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Logging example for Django >1.3 on a shared hosting webserver

Every one who has already worked with Django, appreciate its useful logging information in the browser when the DEBUG modus is on while you are testing your project on a localhost developement server. But it is always helpful to have a log file stored instead of showing all of Djangos logging information in the browser, especially on a ...

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