Steps for choosing test automation tools

First of all it is important to differentiate between four main categories of automation tools. You should be also aware of the fact that each category refers to specific phases within the test process. The sequence of introducing test automation tools plays a very important role to improve efficiency in the testing process:

1) error management

      • tools for tracking and reporting possible errors and comunicating them to the development team
      • some tools have the feature to generate statistics of discovered errors

2) configuration management

      • tools to "make" and "build" software
      • to mention onky a few features: versioning, creation, controlling, tracking and restoration of software

3) test scheduling

      • tools that help you to plan your tests and separate them to different task
      • some tools can schedule automated test runs

4) test execution

      • test execution tools work by executing a set of instructions written in a programming language, often
        called a scripting language.
      • The objective of using a Test Execution tool is typically one or more of the following:
        • to reduce costs (effort or time),
        • to run more tests,
        • to make tests more repeatable.

5) test specification

Generally there are two different steps in the process of choosing a test automation tool:


a) requirement specification of the test tool

b) market study (see the following post)

c) demonstration of tool demos

d) evaluate shortlisted tools

e) review of evaluation results and TOOL SELECTION

What does requirement specification mean?

 - how does the tool work with pontential test objects?
 - how can the tool be integrated
 - on which platform it should be integrated



a) run pilot project

b) evaluate pilot project results

c) adapt processes, provide guidelines for usage

d) train users


f) offer accompanying coaching


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